1 hour 

2 looks

3 full edits - $10 each additional full edit 

print & web size files of chosen edits

private online proof gallery


2 hours

4 looks

6 full edits - $10 each additional full edit 

print & web size files of chosen edits

private online proof gallery



                  OF CONTENT ONLY

1-2 hours

2-4 looks

50 lite edits - web size files

$10 each for full edits- 

print & web size files of full edits

private online proof gallery



"Working with Phillip was effortless from start to finish. From his first cordial hello, I knew I’d be working with someone with drive and ambition and creativity, something I adore in photographers. I could tell he was passionate  about his craft and about networking with new talent. Every idea I bounce off him, he’s excited about. He has a gentle demeanor and always made me feel respected and in control. Phillip has a very rich history and so many cool stories to tell. His work is elegant. His return rate is quick. And his love for photography and people is abundant. I highly recommend him to any model, experienced or new. He will make anyone feel right at home in his studio, and I can’t wait to see what we create together in the future.”


"Working with Phil was one of the best experiences I had working with a new photographer. The professionalism, and kindness is hard to find these days in this industry. He is amazing, and I loved every minute of our shoot."


"Phillip Smith is an amazing photographer who’s work is very unique and diverse. His creativity and expression behind his photography skills is unmatched. Not only is his work spectacular but his personality and hospitality was way more than I expected. He literally goes out of his way to make his clients feel comfortable and beautiful. He truly lives up to his name as “the hype man”. I completely recommend that anyone and everyone work with him!"

Ray Ray

"I worked with Phillip the other day. And let me tell you, he is absolutely WONDERFUL. He made me feel at ease! VERY hospitable and professional. He is very humorous, and will keep you laughing. I highly recommend working with him. You definitely don’t want to sleep on an artist this talented and driven."



"Working with Philip Smith has been an absolute dream! I have been intrigued by the style and the creativity behind the shoots for a very long time. It was an honor and so much fun. Truly lives up to his name as “hype man”! He made me feel comfortable, cool, and collected the entire time. One of the most professional photographers I have ever worked with. I will absolutely be working with him much more in the future. Highly recommend!"


Where do I begin? Philip is a rockstar. Not only is he talented at photography, but he has many other skills to contribute to his amazing personality. He is a fun person to shoot with. Highly recommended ❤️




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